Saturday, June 1, 2013

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due... and my first TPT item!

Welcome! Not new to blogging, but new to selling my instructional resources and clip art, my love for being an educator is deeply rooted. Previously "The First Grade Buzz" my new blog "Teacher Inspired" will be a place I post all the random, fabulous stuff I find and create. Hopefully by August, when I start my new job as Master Teacher, I will have a large range of followers and many items to share! Inspired by all the great teachers out there, found everywhere from within my own school, Pinterest, Blogger, and more, I had the idea to create a blog to post a wide range of teaching ideas. I want it to be a place where teachers can go to look for useful ideas that could stretch across grade levels, very fitting for my new job endeavors. So, I may be saying goodbye to the BUZZ of first grade but can’t wait to welcome new INSPIRATION.

I absolutely MUST thank Jennifer at Raspberry Road Design for designing my blog layout! It is so me and it matches my personality perfectly! It's like she was in my head! If you are looking for a great designer who doesn't cut corners, she's your girl! Loved her so much that she is designing made to match items for my Etsy store: Ink Inspired.
Her shop on Etsy can be found here:

The other reason I am super excited about my new blogging endeavors today is last night, very late last night, I put my first free item up on my TPT store! Now to figure out how to put it on my products page on my blog today.... baby steps.... is the preview! Want it? Head over to my TPT store by following my link on the right sidebar.

I am so excited about posting more products, but here is my first FREEBIE! Hopefully soon I will provide a link on my static pages, after I learn a bit more! If you download I hope you enjoy my backgrounds! More to come....
 photo teacherinspired-sig.png

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