Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CURRENTLY... Linky with Farley

Yay! My first Currently Linky with Farly! Here is mine...
Listening: My sweet baby girl (Aubrey) just made 8 months old! Needless to say I think she is teething (finally) because she has been really fussy all through the night. Fussy baby = Tired Mommy = More Coffee!
Loving: In preparation for my second beach trip of the summer I happily bought some new shades! I love them! They are brown with light blue trim and BIG! They might make me look like a big 'ole bug but I think they are stylin'!
Thinking: Surely going to the beach on the 4th of July guarantees you will see fireworks, right? I hope so! I also want to see Aubrey's reaction when she sees them for the first time. I wonder if she will love them or be scared of them. I have heard mixed stories from other parents so we shall see which category Miss Aubrey will fall in! :)
Wanting: For some crazy, strange reason I have been craving Nachos - with peppers - of course. I have been thinking about eating them on the beach while I watch the fireworks pop in the air. The hubby doesn't know it yet, but he might be on the hunt for some nachos tomorrow night!
Needing: With the little one at home with me all the time, I haven't had the time to go and get a pedicure. Pre-baby this was the first thing I would check off my to-do list but now, huh, I am lucky if I get to go to the grocery store by myself. Haha... comes with the territory I guess and I am loving it! The beach won't mind my non-painted toes anyhow!
Tips: I have read a couple of posts on the Seller's Forum at TpT that some sellers have been selling for months and didn't even know the Seller's Forum existed! There are some AMAZING people on there that are willing to help with anything so I would highly recommend that new sellers, like myself, check out this resource! It also helps get your name out there, too! :)
Well, that's it! Can't wait for the next Currently with Farley!
Happy 4th everyone - be safe and have fun.
Stay inspired. :)


  1. I need new shades too! Yours sound so cute! Have fun at the beach and enjoy the fireworks. My nephew is almost 3 and he absolutely LOVES fireworks so hope your little one does too! :)


  2. The beach?! I'm so jealous. Our beaches have nice cool water and weather. That's where I need to go. Tell the beach not to look at your toes and you'll be fine. ^_^ Enjoy your 4th!

    Super Sparkly in Second

    1. :) yep! I'm sure the each wont mind at all. :) enjoy yours too!

  3. I have been trying to figure out how to get my teacher's store a little more action since I started it a few weeks ago. I will definitely have to check out the Seller's Forum - admittedly I am one of those who wasn't aware this existed! Thanks for the tip. Happy 4th!

    Second Grade Stampede

    1. Hi Bryce! Yes the sellers forum will help! Glad you will be checking it out, you will probably see me there, too. :)

  4. I'm sooo jealous! Second beach trip this summer? I guess it's because I live in a land locked state, but I will strive to see one beach this summer (I hope)!

    Have a great holiday!


    1. Yea second one, both grandmas wanted to take my baby girl to the beach. Hope you do get a visit in this summer, too.

  5. Hi Brittany~I found you via the linky. :) I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin. :) I am eating nachos but they don't have peppers. :(
    It's nice to meet ya!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  6. Nice to meet ya,too! I'm jealous! I haven't had my nachos.... YET but we till have. Few more days of beach left so I'm not giving up! Haha! Thanks for following me, I have been a follower of your for a little while now. :) hope you enjoyed your nachos!

  7. One of my favorite things to do is get a pedicure...just got one today! I found your blog through Polka Dot Palace. I just started blogging a week ago. Would love for you to stop by! Teaching with Giggles

    1. Stopped by and love your blog! Following you:)
      And yes, one of my favorite things to do too! Hubby will have to take baby duty so I can get myself to the nail place! :)