Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It!

Linking up for another Monday Made It with Forth Grade Frolics!

So I admit, I am a sucker for stickers! At the beginning of each school year I would go to School Aids and hit the sticker aisle ... big time! I needed all the new stickers, holiday stickers, and any cute sticker "staples" that I use throughout the school year - like my standard "star stickers" and "smiley stickers."

Why the craziness about stickers you ask? I used them as a reward at the end of each day on the kiddos behavior chart. If they ended the day on "A" - they got a sticker. The parents would even get into the sticker madness a bit, sending me FREE stickers that they would find with little notes like - "Thought you would enjoy these around St. Patrick's Day."


So when my the hubby was cleaning out the shed I saw this old box, I assume an old bread box - but who knows. I decided that it would be a perfect place to hold my quite extensive collection of stickers! Now, although I do create graphic art, I am not a very skilled paint artist - but I think it came out cute!
What do you have a large collection of? Any sticker-a-holics out there like me?
Finally - just a little hint of what's to come... I am working on a giveaway for my blog! I have reached over 100 followers in my TpT store and want to celebrate!
Thanks for looking!
Stay inspired. :)



  1. I do use stickers. I even have a sticker collection page that the kids keep in their binders to add stickers to. I put them on papers, give to them for good behavior, and etc.. My favorites are the scratch and sniff stickers. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read more post.


  2. I think it's very cute! I always put stickers on their papers!

  3. Oh it's adorable!! I use stickers A LOT as well. I use them as a "You did a great job" during reading and math time. Also, special stickers (glitter, fuzzy, smelly) are used when a student answers a HOT question. However, my box to hold them is fairly boring. I think I may need to spruce it up a bit! Your box looks great!

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